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Use the Leaving HPE Action Planner to see what you need to do by when.

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Retiring soon? Use the Leaving HP Action Planner to see what you need to do by then.

Not ready to retire yet? See our Retiring in a Few Years checklist on MyHPERewards (go to Life Events and select Retiring). There you’ll also find information about Retirement Transition Support, an opportunity to work part time and share your knowledge with colleagues before retiring.

When you leave or retire from HPE, you’ll need to make important decisions about your benefits.

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Whether you’re retiring soon, planning for retirement long term, or leaving HPE for another reason, the information and tools on this site will help you plan to make key decisions and make it easy for you to take action.

To start, select the situation that applies to you.

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Manage your HPE benefits online

  • MyHPERewards*
    Manage your health, life, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance benefits (including retiree coverages), and your Retirement Medical Savings Account (RMSA).

  • Manage your equity grants, view account information, model the value of your grants, and, if applicable, exercise your grants online.

  • Manage your retirement benefits, view 401(k) balances, manage investments, use planning tools, and manage Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) shares.

*Important: Your personal data are displayed on MyHPERewards, so use discretion if accessing the site in the presence of others. If not logged on to the HPE network, log on with your user ID and password.